If your business needs water to offer to its guests and customers, you might start looking at bottle water vending machines. Although these machines offer some profit, you would be losing many potential customers coming to your area. This is because a fresh-water refill station will entice more customers than a standard bottle water vending machine. But what is the real difference between our water refill machines, and bottled water vending machines? Perhaps with a better understanding of our water vending machines’ capabilities.


Tastes better

Let’s be frank. Bottled water can easily get that plastic taste stuck in it. Even the most popular brands carry an unwritten flavor: disgusting plastic bottle. It often makes this writer sick to his stomach. But we can often forget that fresh, natural, and rejuvenating water is not some expensive luxury. It is right here and available to the public. Once you put this bottle water refill station out in your area, people will make it a priority to come down for your special water. And they can even use their own trusted bottle or cup.


No need to restock

One of the best things that we can offer for your business is easier maintenance. Now you can be free from the hassle of bringing in trucks to refill the vending machine with water bottles. You can have a much easier maintenance time. It only takes about 15 minutes to check up and clean the machine. It is also capable of preventative maintenance to save you time.


Control Pricing

Unlike some other water bottle vending machines, your water refill station grants you the added benefit of setting your ideal sales price. Add that to the fact that you won’t have to worry about spending money to restock your machine, and your new water refill station will become the icon of convenience.


There are many more capabilities available from our water refill machines. For more information on them, please feel free to check out our FAQ page, or just contact Water Vendors by Us today.