If you’re in the market for a new spring water vending machine, you may be challenged with determining which model and series is right for your situation and space. Water Vendors By Us has created three different water vending machine series, each with a different individual and space in mind.

Here is a simple to follow guide for determining which series is right for you.

Econ Series

Within the Econ Series of vending machines, you have the option to select the Single Vendor, Dual Vendor, or Indoor Dispensor. The Econ Series are easy to service and maintain and come with one or two vending chambers, depending on the style you select. The Econ Series is easy to use and does not come with a lot of extras or additional vend selections, making them perfect for use in areas without a lot of traffic, including smaller offices or small schools.

Pro Series

The Pro Series, like the Econ Series, comes in three different styles: Single Vendor, Dual Vendor, and Stainless Steel Double Vendor. While the Pro Series is also easy to service, use, and maintain, it has a larger frame and more graphics. The are for vending is larger than that of the Econ Series, so larger vessels of water can be filled with the Pro Series. In addition, the Pro Series has three programmable vending sections.

Teller Series

The Teller Series is the most high-tech of the vending machines offered by Water Vendors By Us. The styles for the Teller Series includes Stainless Steel Single, Stainless Steel Dual Window Teller, and Stainless Steel Dual Wall Mount Teller. The Teller Series is comprised of coin operated vending machines that have large vending chambers and are easy to service and maintain. These water vending machines are best suited for public, high-traffic areas.

Regardless of the style of water vending machine you’re looking for, Water Vendors By Us is able to provide you with a model that fits your unique needs. For questions or more information about water vending machines, or if you’re ready to make a purchase, contact us today.