The decision to discount water vending machines in your area can bring several benefits to both your business and your customers. Discounts not only show that you care about your customers, but it also keeps them aware of your presence. Here are just a few ways in which the option to discount water vending machines can be a wise choice during certain periods of the year.


New Customers

When businesses discount water vending machines in popular areas, there is potential for them to not only sell water more frequently but also to introduce new customers to your machines as well. One such way to introduce them is through vending coupons (which are easily read through our bill validators). Vending coupons can be sent through the mail to people when the hot season begins. Coupons can also be physically handed out, which can potentially introduce your machines to new customers.


Specific Demand

Water refill vending machines will certainly be needed the most during the summer. During these times coupons can be perfect because people will be looking for a water supply for all sorts of reasons. From replenishing their water bottle for exercise to getting fresh water before a hurricane, offering coupons for your water vending machines in hot areas can often bring promising revenue.


Special Demand in the Dry Season

It is common sense to have your product easily available during the most demanding season. But what about when demand is not so high? Unfortunately, there will always be dry seasons when running your business. So in those times, it is wise to try a different, if not temporary approach to increasing sales. One such way is through the power of discounts.


People will always need water. The only change is where and why they get it. If you want people to choose your machine, then you will have to give them a reason not to choose the other bottles of water. First, you must make sure that your machines are in the right spots where people will likely be able to access them. Instead of just parks and beaches, provide your water refill stations at grocery and convenience stores. The next step is to discount water vending machines. By providing coupons in those areas, your machines will be more enticing than competitive water providers.


If you would like to get started with trying out our water refill vending machines, please feel free to contact Water Vendors by Us today.