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We have all heard of osmosis, but not many of us know exactly what it is. More specifically, we don’t know what reverse osmosis is and how it affects the water we drink. Simply, reverse osmosis is the process in which dissolved inorganic solids are removed from a solution. To paint a picture for you, imagine salt being remove from drinking water. This is completed by water pressure pushing tap water through a semi permeable membrane. The membrane then allows only water to pass through, keeping any solids or impurities out. Drinking water produced in this way, like the water from our water vending machines, is the best tasting and the best for you. Below we listed a few factors that affect the performance of reverse osmosis:

  • Water pressure
  • Water temperature
  • Amount of total dissolved solids in the water
  • Quality of the filters in the system

Benefits of Reverse Osmosis

Using a reverse osmosis system comes with several advantages that can benefit your health as well as your finances. First off, RO systems improve the taste, odor and appearance of your drinking water. No one likes drinking tap water that smells of sewage! Reverse osmosis is a convenient system that consumes little to no energy and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. When it comes down to your finances, this system entails a low production cost which gives you water of a guaranteed quality for pennies per gallon! If you ask me, these benefits sound too good to be true. If you are running a water vending machine business, then this would be the most ideal process to filter great drinking water at a low cost.

Important points to remember

When it comes to reverse osmosis systems, there are a few points you are going to want to know. Typically, all reverse osmosis systems work just about the same way. This means you shouldn’t see any drastic price differences between different systems. Another thing to remember is that most RO systems look alike and are comprised of the same basic components. The one notable difference in reverse osmosis systems is the quality of the filters and membrane inside the RO system. These points should assist you when it comes time to invest into a reverse osmosis water vending machine.

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