Water is a necessity, and not one that people should worry about having access to.  Even a hot day spent outside without enough water can lead to issues such as exhaustion, heatstroke, and dehydration.  Public spaces in which people are encouraged to come together and interact are extremely important for our society, and those spaces are highly valued across members of every community.  If you are responsible for the maintenance of a public space such as a park, zoo, amusement park, community garden, or anything like that, consider purchasing water vending machines to keep the public happy and make you some extra money.

Memories of playing in the neighborhood playground as a child are some of our fondest memories from childhood, and there’s no reason that park-play shouldn’t be as safe and enjoyable as possible.  Forgetting to bring a water bottle to the park for your kids can be dangerous if they’re doing a lot of running around, and though most parks are supposed to have access to water by way of a water fountain, you can’t always trust them to be up and running.  Especially when it starts to get cold out and pipes begin to freeze, park water fountains have a less than desirable success rate.  Providing your public park with a water vending machine is a safe and easy way to prevent people from getting dehydrated during a day of play.

This same principle applies to more grand excursions, like trips to the zoo. A long day out in hot weather can be fatal if you’re not well-prepared, and it’s difficult to justify taking the time out of your zoo experience to find the nearest food court and buy water.  Having easy-to-access and numerous water vending machines will be a well-appreciated added convenience for the public.

The free foot traffic guaranteed by public spaces also makes investing in a coin-operated water vending machine a very valuable prospect.  You can still provide your water at a cheaper rate than price-gouging zoo cafe’s and park food carts, but there’s no reason not to make the investment worth your while and make some money.  By improving your public spaces with water vending machines, you can keep your community safe and healthy!