As mentioned in our FAQ, there are a few potential locations that can be profitable for your water refilling station. However, there are so many areas available that it might be hard to figure out where to start. Here is a general elaboration on 5 of the best locations for your water vending machine and why.


Grocery stores

Grocery stores (and other retail locations) are always great for producing business for your water refill vending machines. People would prefer to get everything on their shopping list in one location in one afternoon. With your water refill vending machines available at these stores, there is definitely a strong level of convenience for them.


Community Parks and Beaches

You definitely want to put one or two water vending machines in public areas of exercise and perspiration. You will be saving someone’s day by offering the needed refill. And the more people the better. Try to place the water refill vending machines in the parks and beaches with the most number of visitors throughout the year. It is generally good to have your machines by the parking lot. This is good since it allows the customers immediate preparation for their day once they arrive.


Coin laundries

When customers head to the laundry, they are equipped to pay in physical currency anyway. Having a location where the customers can change their clothes and refill their water already helps since it hits two birds with one stone (similar to the grocery stores).


Convenience stores

Grocery stores can be large and have many water options already. But then again, convenience stores are generally smaller and can be closer to peoples’ homes. So with the closer distance and fewer options, your water refilling station will likely bring great profits.


Apartment complexes

You cannot get closer to the customers than being right there in their apartment complex. A water refilling station by the laundry matt, apartment office, or another convenient spot will potentially gain clients.


There are more locations out there to think about. But as long as fresh water is needed and conveniently available, you will certain have customers. For more information on our products and services, be sure to contact Water Vendors by Us today.