Purchasing a water vending machine is a great investment, and one that should last you a long time.  So what happens if, after only a few months of owning your machine, things start to go wrong?  You want to purchase your water vending machine from a company that is not only going to sell you a quality product, but help you maintain it afterwards.  At Water Vendors By Us, we don’t only want to sell you your water vending machine, we want you to be able to use it for years to come.

Our Warranty

At Water Vendors By Us, we offer a warranty that guarantees the proper and normal use of all WBVU manufactured items.  We certify that they will be free from defects, and that doesn’t only apply to the machine as a whole.  If a single part of the machine is defective at the time of purchase, we will replace it.


Many water vending machine companies sell just that, water vending machines.  At WVBU, we also sell the replacement parts for your water vending machine.  If your machine is past warranty, or has been subject to some sort of damage such as vandalism or an accident, we have the replacement part for your water vending machine.

New Machines are a Huge Expense

It goes without saying that in operating your business, you want to spend as little money as possible to maximize profits.  Having to constantly reinvest in water vending machines when they break is not an efficient or cost-effective way to run a business, and that’s even more reason to make sure that the company you buy your water vending machines from is trustworthy, offers a warranty, and has replacement parts that you need.  Moreover, if you are in need of a new machine, WVBU still has you covered. Our water vending machines are sold to you at a discounted rate, which means that simply by choosing us, you’re saving money.

Water vending machines are not only great money makers, but are a cheap yet appreciated luxury at any office, park, or public space.  Making sure that water vending machines are always up to code and working properly is important, so make sure you use a company that understands their products and thus, can help you get the most out of yours.