Businesses often have a difficult time trying to figure out the best location for their bulk water vending machines. This may lead them to choosing a space that produces less revenue, or in some cases delay the purchase of the machine. Let it be known, that bulk water vending machines are profitable and important to many businesses and communities. One of the key determinants of success for your bulk water vending machine is its location. The experts over at Water Vendors By Us have provided a list of factors to consider when trying to find the best location for you machine.


What Should You Look for When Selecting a Good Location?


When figuring out the best location for your recently purchased bulk water vending machine, it is important to look for an area with a lot of traffic. Water Vendors By Us recommend that you focus your attention on the following factors:


Entrance of Retail Locations

Retail locations typically see a high volume of foot-traffic throughout the entire day. Placing your bulk water vending machine by the entrance of a popular retail location will open up the opportunities for potential purchases. The customers shopping at these locations are usually looking for the best deals around, which is why your water vending machine will be so attractive to them.


Low to Middle Income Communities

The primary demographics that take advantage of using bulk water vending machines consist of low to middle income communities. They are able to purchase water in bulk at a cheaper price than the bottled water on the shelves at stores. When looking for a prime location, we recommend taking the areas demographics into account.


Discount Store Locations

Like the retail locations, discount store locations are a hotspot for bulk water vending machines. Your core target market will most likely be shopping at these locations anyway, so you’re essentially killing two birds with one stone!


Easily Viewable

You are going to want to ensure that your water vending machine is easily viewable either from the street or the parking lot. The easier it is to see your machine equates to an increase in purchases being made. If your machine is located on the side of your business or is obstructed by bushes, you will see a major decline in sales.


Purchase a Bulk Water Vending Machine Today


With the right location, bulk water vending machines can be very profitable to your business. Water Vendors By Us are leaders in the industry, providing the highest quality bulk water vending machines in the country. One of the golden perks of this company is that they can supply their machines to just about anywhere in the United States, Mexico, Bahamas or even Costa Rica! For more information about the best location for your water vending machine or to complete a purchase contact them today at 706-273-2112!