During one of Florida’s recent hurricanes, our water machine moved (literally walked) about 20 feet before falling over. She (we think of our machine as female) also had 75 gallons of storage water inside. We up righted it, noticed a few scratches and bumps but she worked and is still working like a champ. We are very pleased with the quality and durability of the Water Vendors by Us equipment. P.S. Our machine is now heavily strapped down in concrete; ready for anything.

Sandy Barringer

Big Spring Water , Florida

When it came time to refurbishing water vending equipment around my bottling plant, I installed Water Vendors By Us’s dual stainless steel window tellers. These newer versions are superb. They not only have great reliability but fast filling features. A customer can put in a $5 bill and fill two five gallon bottles in less than 90 seconds. I do a lot of business in Reno and I can trust this equipment to perform as well as the people at Water Vendors by Us.

Todd Baker

Crystal Springs , Nevada

I retired several years ago, discovered the area had bad drinking water and decided the water purification business was the right business for me. Water is a necessity and I can do it on my own schedule. My partner and I have 25 machine up and down the Oregon coast. Eight of them are machines by Water Vendors by Us. Several others are older, used equipment. I’m not only happy with the Water Vendors by Us equipment but I buy parts, mostly controllers, from them to change out on other machines. I am also pleased with their service and availability to help trouble shoot any problems and always recommend Don and his machines to anyone who asks.

Don Rubin

Western Water Vendor , Oregon

As a retailer living a great distance from U.S. vending manufacturers, we had a great concern in purchasing a reliable water machine. Water Vendors by Us solved our problem. In fact, it is so reliable, plus very good looking, that we told many of our store owner friends. I think 8 (eight) others have purchased machines this year and are all happy.

Mr. An

Astumbo Market , Guam

We have about 50 vending machines in small grocery stores throughout Northeastern Ohio. Eight of our newer machines are from Water Vendors by Us. The help/service has been terrific and the machines have great curb appeal. The fiberglass cabinet is stronger and, at our request, they even insulated it for our colder northern climates.

Tony Pappas

Purely Water , Ohio

I am the owner and operator of a vending machine located in Maya de Oro, San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico and supplied to us by Water Vendor by Us. I reside in Minnesota and have a second home in Mexico where there is very poor quality of potable water. This inspired me to install the vending machine in our housing project, locating it next to an already successful laundromat. Not only is this machine available to the public but it supplies water to the local restaurant and bar. A strong point with the customers is the regular certification of the quality of water. This is achieved by having samples analyzed in the U.S. I am extremely satisfied with the reliability and quality of the machine.

Dave Dockendorf


I place and operate water purification equipment in Mobile Home Parks up the East Coast of Florida. We have three of the Water Vendors by Us machines as well as two other manufactures. What I like about the Water Vendors by Us machines is, they seem to have solved the most common problems that occur with other equipment, especially like the low pressure sensor. I also know their pricing is competitive and the quality is good.

Jack Sharp

Ohke Water , Florida

My landlord said ‘no problem’ when I asked about putting a water teller in my laundromat. I search the internet and found Water Vendors by Us. After considerable expense for equipment installation and advertising, my landlord stated his anchor tenant didn’t want the competition and I must remove it. So, there I was with a new stainless steel teller in a wall, ready to go and no way to vend. I recontacted WVBU and they nicely said they would take it back and refit it for another customer. So, instead of two sales, they only got one. Thanks guys. I certainly learned two lessons; get landlord approvals in writing and I sure picked the right company with Don Brown and Water Vendors by Us.

Chris Schrader

West Flamingo Laundromat , Nevada


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