In the summer time, the United States as a whole can get pretty hot.  The Midwest’s below-zero winters turn into viciously hot summers and Pennsylvania’s frigid snow storms seamlessly turn into sticky, humid rainstorms.  However, nothing quite parallels the heat of the American South.  Southern states, especially those nearer to the equator, are plagued with intense, even crippling heat waves in the summer months, and the best way to stay safe is to stay hydrated.  Establishing water vending machines in public spaces is a great way to keep your community healthy and safe.


This all too real problem can get the best of anyone in the heat of the South.  Physical exertion in extreme heat is typically the cause for heatstroke, and happens as a result of your body’s inability to properly regulate its temperature.  Easily combatted, or at least staved off, by drinking the appropriate amount of fresh water, heatstroke is easily avoidable when the right steps are taken.  Those who suspect that they’ll be spending long hours out in the heat should take breaks from physical activity, take time to go inside occasionally, and drink lots and lots of water.  Having a water vending machine nearby means that there’s no excuse for not taking care of yourself when it gets hot out.


Your risk of becoming dehydrated increases dramatically in the heat, as your body is sweating out the very fluid you need to keep it going.  When your body sweats, it does so in an effort to cool the body down, so if you’re sweating, a.k.a. losing water, it means you should be drinking a lot more of it to make up for the imbalance.  In the South, your risk of becoming dehydrated means the need for water vending machines is even more pressing.


Afflictions as serious as heatstroke and dehydration shouldn’t be the only things that motivate you to have water be more accessible to the community.  Summertime thirst deserves to be quenched, and you shouldn’t have to feel parched and uncomfortable all day for lack of access to fresh water.  Treat yourself and your community right and consider installing a water vending machine, especially if you live in the South.