Managing a bulk water vending machine is a low maintenance way to earn extra income. If you place your machine in a good location, it can become a popular spot to fill up on filtered water for a lot of people. In order to maximize your profit from this business, we have a few suggestions.

Give Away Samples

If you introduce people to your product for free, they will be more likely to come back for more at a later time. Allow your future customers to taste the difference a premium filtration filter makes compared to tap water and even bottled water.

Advertise with Coupons

The great thing about Water Vendors By Us’ bulk water dispenser machines is that they are capable of accepting paper coupons. This is a solid marketing opportunity. You can disperse coupons through the mail, leave them at a local business for people to pick up at will, or hand them out yourself at a traffic heavy location. It’s all about presenting an opportunity for people to try something new.

Advertise an Introductory Offer

Once your water vending machine is installed and set up, you might want to advertise an attractive introductory offer to peak interest. Mark your introductory price at a steep discount for the first couple weeks and then come up to a regular price after you sell a certain volume of water. Make sure to notify users that your current price drop is only for a limited time. Once people note the great taste of the water and convenience of the machine, not to mention the savings they can gain, they will keep coming back.