If you’re a landlord of a multi-family apartment, a water vending machine could be a great opportunity for you. As something relatively easy to install that delivers lasting benefits to your tenants, a water vending machine could be just the thing you need to add to your list of amenities.

How Does It Work?

Multi-family apartment buildings are usually relatively large, making it difficult to manage the water filtration system throughout each of the apartments. This usually leads to bad tasting water and encourages your tenants to go out a purchase bottled water for drinking. When they purchase their water off-site, you lose money and your tenants are inconvenienced by needing to head to the grocery store every time they need more water.

If you decide to put in a water vending machine in your multi-family apartment building, your tenants will be more likely to purchase their water from you rather than from the grocery store. This can be especially true if your multi-family home offers additional amenities, such as a pool or gym where they may want to purchase water instead of heading back to their apartment.

Benefits to the Tenant and the Landlord


By putting in a water vending machine into your multi-family apartment building, you are creating a benefit for yourself and for the individuals that live in your building. While you can experience an increase in revenue and provide your tenants with another service and amenity, the individuals who inhabit your home can receive the convenience of great tasting water right on site.

If your filtered water vending machine is in a public area that allows for other individuals who don’t live in your building to use it, you could make additional revenue. For apartment buildings that open their amenities to other individuals, a water vending machine can be even more beneficial.

To learn more about water vending machines and determine if a vending system is right for your space and situation, contact Water Vendors By Us for more information.