The quality of tap water across the nation varies by location. Many people don’t trust their drinking water to be free of harmful chemicals, especially with the media attention that was given to the scandal in Flint, Michigan. While people (presumably) have access to annual reports on the quality and testing of drinking water from municipal suppliers, you can still take matters into your own hands have direct control over the testing of your tap drinking water.

Remember, some water contaminants cannot be detected by human senses. Even if your water looks clean and clear and has no smell, it could still contain harmful chemicals. In order to test the quality of your water, you can have it tested by a lab or water testing service provider. You can also do your own testing by purchasing a water testing kit. They are widely available at home improvement stores. These basic kits test for bacteria, lead, pesticides, chlorine, and other harmful chemicals that should not be in your drinking water. There are also more comprehensive kits available that are a bit more expensive but go into greater depth. These kits usually also require you to send samples into a lab for professional testing.

You can always skip the worry and doubt about your tap water and get your drinking water from a filtered source. Water Venders By Us provides bulk water vending machines that provide clean, safe, great tasting water to entire communities. Just fill up your reusable water container and you’re all set to go.