If you have a water vending machine then naturally you are going to want to protect your investment and make sure it is delivering a clean and pure product as it should.  Here are some basic maintenance tips to keep your water vending kiosk in top shape.

Keep It Covered

Any equipment is going to last longer if it is covered and not exposed to the weather. Placing the water vending kiosk under a covered area will also increase the chances someone will choose to use your machine rather than buying water at the grocery store.

Change Filters and Lamps on Schedule

How often you need to change filters and lamps is very dependent on how much your machine gets used. There are six stages of the water filtration and purification process. All of these stages have filters or lamps that need to be changed. A general rule of thumb is to change the 1st stage sediment filter every two months or when a PSI test determines pressure has dropped.

The 2nd and 3rd stage carbon filters need to be changed every two months or when a chlorine test says levels are high. The 4th stage reverse osmosis filter usually only requires changing every two years but you should test for total dissolved solids every six months for optimum quality if your machine is getting a lot of business.

The 5th stage post carbon filter is usually good for six months, but if your water starts to taste different, you may want to change it out sooner. The final 6th stage ultraviolet lamp is normally changed annually bit this can vary depending on the intensity level used.

Little Time Investment

On average you can expect to spend 15 minutes per day to maintain your water vending machine that is being used very often. This includes checking water quality, gathering money, and cleaning. This maintenance time may be far less or may only need to be done every few days. If you find yourself doing more, this means you are making more money, so that is a good thing!

Most Common Issues

Although machines are designed to be as jam proof and durable as possible, you may occasionally need some help. These unplanned calls are usually due to coin or bill acceptance mechanisms malfunctioning due to dirty bills or coins. This is unavoidable but shouldn’t happen often at all. Problems are usually resolved quickly and your machine will be back up and running in no time.