As a landlord, it is likely that your tenants are on city water. Depending on your location this can be good or bad. If you know your tenants are likely purchasing water elsewhere then why not capitalize on this by offering them the same product with more convenience?

On Demand Filtered Water

Going to the store just for filtered water is no fun. People want to be able to get great tasting fresh water without having to travel. By providing a water vending kiosk, you are helping them save time and money on bottled water and gas.

Maximize Your Income

Being a landlord is not always easy. There are expenses that you can have a hard time accounting for. Having a water vending machine can help increase your revenue for unexpected expenses or so that you have a little something extra.

More Sustainable

A water vending kiosk is more environmentally sound than buying water in disposable bottles. This is especially true in areas where recycling facilities are lacking. Imagine how much energy is put into getting bottled water to the grocery store and then how much fossil fuels and time it takes to get to the consumer’s home or business?

Installing in a water vending kiosk will show your tenants that you care about them and the environment as well. You can even post a notice explaining why you are installing the machine and the positive environmental impact it will have over the years. This can go a long way towards encouraging use and making tenants proud to live on your property.

Ideal for More Rural Areas

If you own a mobile home community or apartments that are far from town, then you may be able to have quite a lucrative water business making you money 24 hours a day. Going to the store becomes a lot more expensive and a chore when you have a long commute to the nearest grocery store.

Choosing the Perfect Water Vending Machine

Our experts can help suggest the right water vending machine for you. Our website has a lot of information for you to look at as well. Contact us at any time with questions or to arrange for delivery of your newest money making machine!