Using clean, filtered, great tasting water is important for health and well-being, and if you ask any coffee enthusiast they will tell you that using filtered water to brew coffee is a must. There are generally three types of H2O available to the average household:

Tap water
Filtered water
Bottled water

People generally try to stay away from drinking tap water because they believe it contains harmful chemicals. In many areas of the country, this is absolutely true and tap water should be avoided, even for the purpose of brewing coffee. Bottled water is expensive and not environmentally friendly. Plastic water bottles can end up filling landfills or end up in the ocean, so people are moving toward a more sustainable way of drinking water. Using bottled water for coffee is pretty excessive in a lot of people’s eyes.

This leaves filtered water as the only option for people that don’t have clean tap water and don’t want to waste money on expensive bottled water that isn’t good for the environment. Coffee is mostly water, so using water that tastes great and is free of toxic chemicals is important. But does filtered water really make a difference when it comes to taste?

The overwhelming response we get to this question is, yes! Coffee that has been brewed with tap water seems to produce a slightly metallic, more basic taste. Coffee brewed with filtered water makes a cup of joe that is slightly sweeter and a little more acidic taste, just the way coffee should be. If you love coffee and want the best tasting brew to fuel your day, make sure to use filtered water.