In purchasing a water vending machine, you want to know that what you’re investing in is a quality product.  Buying a discount water vending machine can be tricky if you’re not looking in the right places, and a good deal today could leave you with a hefty maintenance bill tomorrow.  At WVBU, we understand that you want your water vending machine to last as long as possible, but what is so important about having a durable machine?  Is it better to buy a cheap one and take your chances?  Let’s find out.

Discount Water Vending Machines

At WVBU, we sell some of the best discount water vending machines on the market, but don’t let the word “discount” fool you.  In our case, discounted price does not mean discounted value, and unfortunately that’s not necessarily the case with the other guys.  Machines that appear too cheap at first glance might really be too good to be true, and the cost of upkeep on a machine with poor craftsmanship will take away the very “discount” that you were excited about in the first place.


The cost of maintenance on water vending machines can be huge, and depending on the type you have, replacement parts can be hard to find.  Having to constantly fix a machine that you’ve already paid for is frustrating, and unforeseen costs can throw any responsible business owner through a loop.  Investing in a water vending machine that isn’t going to require a lot of maintenance in the future, or whose maintenance is easy and cheap, is very important in making your decisions.  Additionally, when deciding what company to buy your machine from, consider one that can provide you with the parts for your existing machine.


A machine with a great warranty may as well be a machine with great durability.  Not only does a warranty guarantee compensation for damaged goods, but companies that offer warranties on their products demonstrate a certain level of trust in that product to perform in the way it is supposed to.  To offer warranties on items with shoddy craftsmanship would cost producers a ton of money, so a good warranty is a solid bet that you’ve got a durable and quality product.