One of the most beneficial things about vending machines can, unfortunately, also be the most troublesome. What are the right means of payment for your water vending machine? Coin mechs or Bill validators? Each of these mechanisms brings unique and beneficial capabilities to your vending profitability. But the question for your specific business is which is more profitable and convenient for the customers? Would it be better to have a bill or coin operated water machine? Maybe both? That is ultimately left up to the community that uses each water vending machine, and what their needs require. Here are just a few capabilities of each of these devices, and what they can bring to the table in terms of your community’s satisfaction.


Coin Mechs

We at Water Vendors by Us provide various machines that come with efficient coin mechanisms. Our vending components catalog includes a CM1000 MDB coin mech. This mech features 3-tube coin payout, and it weighs 4 lbs. It costs $289.00. Since this device is an MDB, it is able to send the various information to the directed parts of the coin operated water machine. Each machine component easily receives the intended information electronically, therefore simplifying the process as opposed to analog processes that could potentially malfunction easily.


Bill Validators

Our bill and coupon validator is more than just a departure from the coin mechanism; it is unique among regular bill detectors. Water Vendors by Us coupons not only sets us apart from other vending services, but it also creates a stronger inclining for the customers to consistently come to these machines over competitors. This validator, in particular, is a CM1102 MDB Bill/Coupon Validator. Since this one is also an MDB, the process is therefore simplified electronically. It is 4 lbs. and costs $375.00.


Benefits of Both

But the real benefit comes when you have both the bill validators and coin mechs on your water vending machine. In our products catalog, you will find a type of coin operated water machine that also carries a bill validator. Whether or not the customer carries coins, cash, or coupons, this provides optimum convenience no matter what, since that way, no one has any reason not to use your machines.


For more remarkable product options on vending machines, be sure to check out our products catalog. If you have any more questions regarding the unique qualities of the water vending business, be sure to check out our FAQ, or contact Water Vendors by us for further details.