In New Hampshire, there is an investigation underway into drinking water contamination. The water is thought to be contaminated with PFC, a chemical found in everyday household products and thought to have adverse health effects when found in concentrated levels in drinking water. According to the EPA, high level of PFC in drinking water can affect the liver, thyroid, and reproductive systems.

The concern started when multiple children developed rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS), which is a rare cancer that develops in children, mostly. Another cancer, pleuropulmonary blastoma, was also reported in New Hampshire children. Parents were understandably concerned, which prompted the investigation. While there is no conclusive evidence that the cancers developed directly because of the state’s drinking water, we won’t know for sure until the investigation is complete. For now, residents thought to have contaminated water are being given bottled water or filtration systems.

You can always avoid consuming unsafe drinking water by using water that is filtered. Filtered drinking water can be found at bulk water dispensing machines across the country. For information on how to obtain your own water filtration system that can be monetized and placed throughout communities, shopping plazas and local businesses, contact Water Vendors By Us.