With the environment in the shape that it is, our hope for having a sustainable water source for the rest of our lives, and especially the lives of future generations, is dwindling.  Only 3% of the water on Earth’s surface is fresh and drinkable, and most of that is trapped in polar ice caps.  Though desalination techniques have come a long way, the process is still being experimented with and still proves rather expensive.  Forget silver, forget gold, and for your next big investment: consider water.

The Characteristics of a Hot Commodity

Smart financiers choose to invest their money in resources that prove to be rare.  Living in a developed country, inhabitants of the U.S. see the tap water flowing from their sinks and tend to think that the world abounds with fresh, drinkable water, but that is absolutely not the case.  Though we know that developing countries have difficulty accessing potable water, that reality is not far off for those who feel safe now.  As with gold, silver, or any “valuable” commodity, its value comes first from its necessity and second from its rarity.  Gold and silver have a great number of uses, but to describe them as “necessities” on the same level as water would be fairly ignorant.  Water is the most widely consumed and widely needed natural resource that exists in the world, and the fact that its supply is beginning to dry up means that investing in it will only become more profitable over time.

An Untapped Market

Because investors tend to be so focused on obvious investments like stocks, bonds, and luxurious natural resources, chances are that your investment in water will be ahead of the game.  Once others catch wind of its value, the barriers to entry will only grow larger, and you don’t want to feel like you’ve missed a very lucrative boat.  Investing in water early on in the game will impress family, friends, and coworkers, and fatten your wallet as well.

Think outside the box, or outside the sink, and, well, invest in water today!