water refilling stationA lot of people never think to use a bulk water vending machine to purchase drinking water for their homes. What they don’t know is the amount of money they can save on quality water. Now why should this matter to you or your business? Well for starters, our field experts have found that bulk water vending machines benefit businesses greatly. The ideal locations for bulk water vending machines include grocery stores, convenience stores or other high traffic retail locations.

To break it down some more for you, the “bulk” part of our machines refers to a large amount of water being sold from a water vending machine. Bulk water refills are not chilled but neither are the name-brand water bottles when you purchase them. Ultimately, these machines draw in consumers who are looking for a larger amount of purified water at a low price point. Having a bulk water vending machine either on the inside or outside of your business can attract additional customers. It also offers the opportunity for your existing customers to try this concept.

How much money can a vending machine make?

Several factors can be taken into consideration when determining the amount of money a particular water vending machine can make for you business. First, you are going to want to look at the size of the existing market. The amount of bottled water on the shelves at grocery stores is a good indicator of local consumption. We like to set a good sales target for any location at $750 per month or 100 gallons per day at $0.25 per gallon. This calculation suggests that you would need around 10 customers a day filling up 2 five-gallon bottles.

As far as demographics go, you should be targeting families or ethnic groups due to their high volume of bulk water purchases. Low to medium income families are also a strong demographic to hit because bulk water allows them to save more money. In addition, your location should have a high percentage of foot traffic because this increases the potential for recognition and business. Overall, bulk water vending machines can be a profitable investment and are being used more and more often in these times of significant environmental and economic change.

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