In the digital age of chips and credit cards, we all still require physical currency for our daily lives. Often enough, people save some hard cash or coin for vending machines. But although having one or two types of currency readers can be beneficial, you can also reap just as many, if not more benefits by having both readers on one vending machine. Here are just a few reasons why going with a cash/coin operated water machine can be preferable for your business.



Offering a water refill station that takes both dollars and coins automatically entices customers more than a single-currency reader does. It is just much more convenient to have one device in front of you that will take whatever it is that you currently have. This is necessary in case you have more cash and fewer coins than you thought (and vice versa)


Alternative to crumpled bills

Although we provide optimum MDB bill and coin validators, it is just inevitable that someone will offer a dollar bill that the machine cannot read. There will always be that one dollar that is too ripped or crumpled to be read by anything. But that is okay. Having a coin reader on hand will lessen the hassle.


A place for change

With credit cards everywhere, pennies and quarters are becoming less desired than ever before. But more people will be able to find that they have more use for their bowl of change when they see your coin operated water machine. Instead of people saving their pocket change while passing by your water station, they will just put it to good use and grab some water. This also works wonderfully when a few friends are short on cash and need some kind of refreshment to get through the day.


Ultimately, having a cash and coin operated water machine encourages more customers to use the water station due to its convenience. We carry boldly efficient readers, such as the CM1102 MDB Bill/Coupon Validator and the CM1000 MDB coin mech. If you have any more questions regarding the right water vending machine for your business, please be sure to contact Water Vendors by Us today.