With water fountains attached to just about every building out there, it may seem that a water vending machine isn’t entirely necessary. But while some individuals are perfectly content getting their water from a public fountain, there are a number of benefits that come with using a water vending machine instead.

Spring Water Vending Machine vs. Water Fountain

Whether you’re looking for an entire bottle of water or just a quick sip to wet your whistle, you’re probably going to begin to hunt down a public water fountain. Unfortunately, public water fountains are rarely maintained to the level they should be. The spigot is exposed to dirt, germs, the elements, and in some cases, other people’s mouths.

When you consider all the extra germs and particles that attach onto the water, you’re not getting a mouthful of clean water from a water fountain. Additionally, the water usually has not been purified, so even if you happen to find an extremely clean fountain, you’re not going to get the level of water you could elsewhere.

Thankfully, a water vending machine can solve those problems. A clean water machine dispenses purified water that is enclosed and protected from the mouths of children, dust blowing in the air, and other unnecessary germs and particles you don’t want getting into your water.

With a water vending machine, users can fill their refillable water bottles with great tasting water that is good for them. The use of a water vending machine is much cheaper than it would cost to purchase a water bottle at a grocery store or drug store, meaning individuals will not need to decide between great water and price.

Water Vending Machines Are the Future

Many people believe that water vending machines will completely eliminate the use of water fountains, and with the benefits found from using a water vending machine, it is clear why. Drinking enough water each day is incredibly important to our health and functionality and with water vending machines, drinking great water has never been easier.