Though most college dorms are outfitted with some way to access fresh drinking water, almost none have an ice vending machine, and college students don’t typically have freezers available in their dorms.  Something as simple as frozen water suddenly becomes a luxury when you have essentially no way to access and store it, and this is a problem fairly unique to college campuses.  If you’re a college administrator, or anyone who has control over the facilities on your college campus, consider investing in ice vending machines.

No Option For Freezers

With such strict regulations on college campuses surrounding use of electricity and how large of a refrigerator you’re allowed to have in your room, the odds of a campus allowing a freezer unit in addition to a refrigerator are fairly low.  This not only means that college students can’t make their own ice, but they can’t store ice that they buy either.  The price of installing and maintaining an ice vending machine is fairly low considering the benefit it adds to the lives of the students it would serve.

Ice Is Expensive

For a product that is simply frozen water, ice can be more expensive than you think, and the fact that you’d have to be paying for ice at all rather than making it yourself seems unfair.  If tap water is free for students–or rather included in the utility costs of their room and board–then why shouldn’t ice work the same way?  College students are notoriously broke, and though hot plates for ramen may seem like more of a concern than ice, students still shouldn’t have to drain their money in purchasing their own ice.

Health Concerns

Though crushed ice is typically available at college sports centers, those can be very far from dorm rooms depending on the size of the campus.  The reasons to have an ice vending machine in your campus’s sports center still apply in the context of a dorm building, and ice packs needed to soothe sports injuries, lessen fevers, and stay cool on hot days can be super important to have in close proximity to where you live.

Ice vending machines are luxuries typically reserved for hotels and upperclass gyms, but in a situation where you have little to no access to affordable ice, installing a vending machine for it will be greatly appreciated.