Exciting Business Opportunity



Exciting Business Opportunity



Welcome to the world of

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purified, reverse osmosis, self-serve, water vending.


Turn Spring Water Vending Machines into money!

Welcome to the world of purified, reverse osmosis, self-serve, spring water vending.

Whether you are domestic or international, a home-based business or retail store, bulk water dispensing provides a profitable business opportunity. Water Vendors By Us is a leading, innovative manufacturer of high-quality water vending machines. Our machines are designed to be extremely reliable and easily maintained. When it comes to placing a bulk water vending machine in front of your coin laundry, convenience store, or other business, there is no water vending business more reliable than us!

Our Water Vending Machines

Water Vendors By Us offers bulk vending machines to meet our customers' water vending needs. Whether you are looking for stainless steel or fiberglass machines, with or without an electronic coin mechanism, we offer many options for you and your business. Operating nationwide, we will deliver the vending machines to your businesses' doorstep whether you are in Florida, Texas, or California or throughout the United States. A spring water refill vending station is a great way to bring additional business to your company! If you are interested, then be sure to check out our product specification sheets below for more detailed information!

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* All of our machines have been certifiied by NAMA and meet the strict standards set by the FDA for beverage vending machines.

FAQFrequently Asked Questions

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How Much Money Can a Vending Machine Make?

The amount of money a particular machine can make depends on several factors: How big is the existing market for bottled water? How much bottled...

What Should I Look For When Selecting a Good Location?

We suggest you focus your attention on the following factors: Look to place your machine close to the entrance of the retail location...

What Makes Our Machine Better Than Competitors?

Water Vendors by Us prides itself in producing a well-engineered machine that will give you years of trouble-free operation...

What Our Clients Say

“During one of Florida's recent hurricanes, our water machine moved (literally walked) about 20 feet before falling over. She (we think of our machine as female) also had 75 gallons of storage water inside. We up righted it, noticed a few scratches and bumps but she worked and is still working like a champ.

Sandy Barringer

Big Spring Water (Florida)
“When it came time to refurbishing water vending equipment around my bottling plant, I installed Water Vendors By Us's dual stainless steel window tellers.

Todd Baker

Crystal Springs (Nevada)

Mr. An

Astumbo Market (Guam)
“As a retailer living a great distance from U.S. vending manufacturers, we had a great concern in purchasing a reliable water machine.

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All of our machines have been certifiied by NAMA and meet the strict standards set by the FDA for beverage vending machines.

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